As some readers know, I have been involved in a lengthy dispute with a couple of officers from my former church. One minor aspect of this ongoing event has to do with some property these men have in their possession, which belongs to me. These items are not particularly valuable, but do have significance to me for other reasons. For months, I thought I had lost one of these items, but it turns out that it was found at our former church location. Rather than return it to me–and ownership was clearly observable on the item–the one who found my property gave it to the officers with whom I have been having such trouble. When I found out that my property had been found, I requested that it be returned; I made this request four times. The first three requests were simply ignored. The fourth request did bring a response from the officers. They claim that my property was “abandoned” by me and, therefore, they have no obligation to return it. Is this the most ridiculous reasoning you’ve ever heard or what? They have my property and I know they have it and I asked for it to be returned. Simple, right? Not to men who are determined to make your life miserable. They have latched on to anything that might be used to cause me frustration. This incident is a case in point. I believe this is nothing less than theft. I did not abandon my property; I lost it. Now that I know it has been found, I have asked that it be given back to me. Shouldn’t Christian men–officers in a church, in fact–be above such petty behavior? Is this kind of conduct pleasing in the sight of God? Is this how the Savior wants His people to treat one another? I find this behavior nothing less than shameful.