We are constantly learning new facts. Our knowledge is gained sequentially; that is, we are always in the process of acquiring knowledge. We are never in a state of complete knowledge, but our knowledge is always being expanded. The sum of what we know today is greater than the sum of what we knew yesterday. In the past 24 hours, we have added facts, observations, and understanding to our reservoir of information. This is a pattern that operates throughout our lives.

Not only do we add items to our body of knowledge, but we also experience the correction of past knowledge as we learn more about our world. Therefore, based upon our perceptions alone, we can never claim to possess absolute truth because something we are certain of at this moment may be proven false in the future as we gather additional information. Our opinions and assertions are subject to modification so that, as just mentioned, we cannot speak with conclusive certainty on any matter as long as the source of our understanding is our accumulated knowledge.

By contrast, God’s knowledge does not increase and is never in need of correction. God does not learn chronologically, as described above. The knowledge of God is at once perfect and exhaustive. As time passes, unlike human beings, God’s knowledge remains what it has always been. The nature of God is such that He has always possessed all knowledge and always will possess all knowledge.

The plans and promises of God rest upon His sure and complete knowledge. Therefore, when God speaks, there is no possibility that His word will not come to pass or that what He declares may be in error. This is so because, once again, God knows all things real and all things possible and His knowledge is comprehensive and impeccable.

With that said, it is a mistake to view God according to our own experience. If we ascribe our manner of gaining information to God, then His word can never be received as sure. If God accumulates knowledge as we do, we cannot find comfort and encouragement in His promises since those promises would be subject to alteration. The knowledge of God, however, as already explained, allows us to embrace every word, promise, prediction, and commandment of God with supreme confidence. Thanks be to God, we are not dependent on our limited and frail comprehension, but we may rest in the perfect knowledge of God who loves us and does all things for our good and His glory.