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Authorities in South Korea recently seized a huge load of drug capsules that were being transported into the country. The capsules were filled with the powdered flesh of dead babies—the powdered flesh of dead babies. Some people say that the powdered flesh of dead babies can cure disease; therefore, they take these capsules like any other medication.

As you should be able to guess, this “medicine” is manufactured in China, a nation that murders an estimated 13 million babies every year. In the past, most abortions were the result of the government’s one child per couple restriction. It has become evident, however, that during the last few years, single young women, especially those who are students, have become a target of abortion providers. For example, the Beijing Modern Women’s Hospital offers a complete, government-subsidized, abortion “discount package.” It costs a mere $130.

Having a child out of wedlock in this society is considered a much greater dishonor than having an abortion. Along with this cultural attitude, the genocidal policies of the government, and the increasing erosion of fundamental morality have made abortion the preferred method of birth control in China. By the way, in China abortions are known as “artificial miscarriages.”

Until now, I haven’t explained how the flesh of dead babies is turned into powder. In order to make powdered flesh from dead babies, an aborted child is cut into small pieces which are then dried with high heat. After this process, the flesh is ground into powder, packaged, and shipped off.

Are you disgusted beyond words by this horror? You should be, and, morally speaking, you should realize that our country is headed in the same direction.


Dan Savage is the founder of an anti-bullying campaign known as It Gets Better. Recently, Savage was invited to speak to several thousand young journalists who were present at a conference in Seattle sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. It was naturally assumed that the topic of the remarks would be bullying, which has become such an increasingly disturbing issue in our culture.

It became obvious, however, that Savage intended to address another subject. “I hope you’re all using birth control,” he said as he began to speak. After that, Savage related several stories about his husband and assured the students that, if his husband were to join him on stage, they would not be able to pull him off of his partner.

The tone of the speech became even more vicious as Savage started cursing as he made reference to the Bible. For example, he declared: “We can learn to ignore the b***s*** in the Bible about gay people.” And using the same phrasing, Savage referred disparagingly to the Bible’s teaching on slavery, menstruation, virginity, and several other subjects. Nothing had been said or done to spark such an outrageous commentary.

Personally, I think that the remarks of Savage amount to nothing of consequence. This was nothing more than a man who hates God shaking his fist in God’s face while thinking he was making such significant points. A couple of passages in Scripture came to mind as I heard the story. The first was Psalm 14:1 “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; there is no one who does good.” In an effort to escape the accusations of God’s Word, men like Savage are forced to attack the concept of God and righteousness. They find some perverted solace in raving against that which emphasizes their sin.

The second passage presents a response from the God that Savage hates so bitterly: “He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.” (Psalm 2:4) Savage is no threat to God, but is just another foolish man whose behavior verifies the teaching of Scripture concerning fallen humanity. Consequently, God mocks the pathetic example of an enemy ranting against the standard by which he is judged now and in the world to come.

Although Christians are rightly disgusted by this performance, we should have a measure of pity for a man like this. And we should be humbled because we know that without the grace of God we would be in the same condition as Savage. There is nothing for the believer to boast about when it comes to our deliverance from sin. Savage happens to speak louder and more vigorously than other sinners, but the root cause of such perspectives is one we all share. We can only thank God for his merciful condescension to us in Christ our Savior.