Authorities in South Korea recently seized a huge load of drug capsules that were being transported into the country. The capsules were filled with the powdered flesh of dead babies—the powdered flesh of dead babies. Some people say that the powdered flesh of dead babies can cure disease; therefore, they take these capsules like any other medication.

As you should be able to guess, this “medicine” is manufactured in China, a nation that murders an estimated 13 million babies every year. In the past, most abortions were the result of the government’s one child per couple restriction. It has become evident, however, that during the last few years, single young women, especially those who are students, have become a target of abortion providers. For example, the Beijing Modern Women’s Hospital offers a complete, government-subsidized, abortion “discount package.” It costs a mere $130.

Having a child out of wedlock in this society is considered a much greater dishonor than having an abortion. Along with this cultural attitude, the genocidal policies of the government, and the increasing erosion of fundamental morality have made abortion the preferred method of birth control in China. By the way, in China abortions are known as “artificial miscarriages.”

Until now, I haven’t explained how the flesh of dead babies is turned into powder. In order to make powdered flesh from dead babies, an aborted child is cut into small pieces which are then dried with high heat. After this process, the flesh is ground into powder, packaged, and shipped off.

Are you disgusted beyond words by this horror? You should be, and, morally speaking, you should realize that our country is headed in the same direction.