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My anxious heart is open

Before You, O Lord, today.

Let your blessed Holy Spirit come

And have His perfect way.


Turn my eyes from things not pure,

My mind from things so vain.

Instead let my troubled soul be filled

With joy and praise for Your holy name.


Remove from me the dross of sin.

Lead me through Your refining flames.

Hold fast to me, O Father above,

Assuring me You are forever the same.


I am weary and my strength runs low,

My sight once clear grows faint.

But I trust You Lord as You reveal Your will

To guide and sanctify this restless saint.


When night is gone and the morning breaks new,

The cloudless blue sky will appear.

And I will know without fear or doubt

That You, my God, were always near.


Then by Your free and eternal love,

My heart will have known Your boundless grace.

With all wounds healed and hope renewed,

I will eagerly return to my earthly race.


On Heaven’s Bright Day


On heaven’s bright day,

All have finally ended their race.

No hurry, no heavy hearts,

In this land of amazing grace.


Together they stand side by side,

Every tongue, every color, from every place.

Raising eyes and hands toward heaven

To gaze upon His face.


Clothed in royal garments,

In victory He appears.

Surrounded by a mighty host,

Resounding praise He hears.


All heavenly beings join the chorus,

Songs of honor ring out.

The triumph of the Lamb of God

Dispels all fear, all pain, all doubt.


The whole creation cries out with joy,

As our Savior looks upon His prize.

Too many souls to be counted,

The elect are gathered before His eyes.


As was promised so long ago,

In the hearing of the snake.

The Enmity came and crushed his head,

Giving His own life for our poor sake.


Now to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Let all glory and honor be.

We are saved and shall dwell together

Safely throughout eternity.